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AlexaArt OP Studios

Everyone is a Star & deserves a chance to Shine!!!

13 Years & Over 3000 Photo-Sessions

Join the OPStudio Team! Monthly Rental Unlimited Studio Access.

Studio Photographer Membership 


We are offering a unique opportunity to join the AlexaArt OPStudio Team!

 For a low monthly fee you will have unlimited studio access!  Normal studio fees are $100.00/2hrs.  As part of this special offer, you will be a featured photographer on our AlexaArt OPStudio Facebook page. Your pic and bio will allow potential clients to see your work and book you through the site!  We can only accept a limited number of photographers. 

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Our Team

DS Alexa

Owner/Senior Photographer

Former model, decided to take her knowledge of being in front of the camera to the opposite side when she discovered, by accident, a talent and interest for photography. Since 2006, she now helps people of all walks of life to shine through her creativity and passion for her art.

Debra's interests include retro, vintage, pin-up, and anything old style in nature. Her inspiration comes from the beautiful, natural pin-ups of the fifties, such as Marilyn Monroe and Betty Page. 

"During that era, the women were real, natural, feminine and sexy."

For the glamour aspect of her photography, Debra likes to work with all shapes and sizes of women. 

Debra has said, "It does not matter what size you are, all women are beautiful, the more natural the better!! There is a pin-up in all of us, whether old style or modern, I will find it and bring out the best in you!!"

For new and upcoming models, Debra is patient and great to work with. She makes photo-shoots fun and very relaxing. You hardly realize that there is any work involved. She will guide and help models build their portfolios, and further their careers in the internet and/or modeling industry.

Gary Oliverio

Owner/Senior Photographer

Began his photography career in 2010. As a photographer Gary has numerous publications and is listed by as one of Cleveland's Top Ten Portrait Photographers. He has worked with hundreds of models shooting primarily glamour and fashion. In addition, Gary fuses his photography with creative art to produce creative mixed media compositions.

A Cleveland native, Gary spent nearly 20 years living and working in Chicago. As an Animator, Character Artist and Later Art Director, He worked at some of the industry's leading video game publishers including Midway Games and Take Two Interactive as well as Ty Inc. and a few smaller studios.

While always striving to expand on his career, Gary also taught Game Development Classes at Chicago's top art institutions including DePaul University, Columbia College and The Illinois Institute of Art.

In 2006 Gary was approached by Wordware Publishing (now Jones & Barlett) to write a character modeling book. He is the author of Maya 8.0 Character Modeling, A comprehensive guide to creating 3D character models.

Gary states."I've had a very rewarding career. It's a dream come true to have been able to work with so many talented and influential people." Now a full-time studio owner and photographer. Gary looks to help other individuals to craft their art.

"It's not enough to succeed at something if you are not willing to share that success to help others achieve their goals."

Daylan Smith


Born & Raised in the inner city of Cleveland Ohio, started young doing Music production at the Age of 21 and began doing photography and videographer work for local music artist in the year of 2013.

He is recognized for mainly working with MGK, Kid Cudi at no longer (Peabodys) for DJing house party’s where he developed the name (DJRagerXX).

He is now working with OPStudios on a professional platform of photography and videos of all kind. Big things are coming along and in store.

Zack Croyle


I have enjoyed photography for as long as I can remember. I finally turned my passion and hobby into a business in April of 2021 to put my own twist and style into the photography world. 

My style is darker, edgier than most and I like to use different techniques and lighting to achieve the vision I see in 

my head.

Thunder Photography